Our Services

Foundation Engineering

Designed to form a solid foundation to any structure with emphasis on soil capacity, weight, wind etc.

Stone Columns

Stone Columns involves adding vertical columns of stone to support layered gravel for construction purposes.

Load Testing

Load Testing involves the direct measurement of in situ type testing of deep foundations in order to determine the capacity of any structure to be built.


Pilings are the basic pillars of a strong foundation. They are installed in order to stabilize structures and perform important tasks to keep structures rooted to ground in various conditions.

Diaphragm Walls/Retaining Walls

Diaphragm Walls are constructed mostly in congested areas and used for top down construction methods.

Heavy Construction Equipments Rentals

We offer various heavy construction equipment on hire/rental basis such as-

  • Hydraulic rigs
  • All terrain cranes
  • Concrete boom placer
  • Vibro hammer
  • Girder erection for bridges, metros and other prefabricated structures

(Refer to Equipment on Hire List) for more details.